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Sacraments are God’s interactions with his holy people. A sense of the holy is most always apparent in the celebration of these brushes with the divine. The celebrations are certainly sentient, physical and experiential. If we have ever questioned whether God cares for his Elect, it is in Sacrament that we receive the answer. The Father, who created and cares for us, gave us his Son as a free gift and he knew that Salvation would come to us. In the further caring of the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit is given us and is active in all of the Sacraments of the Church. It is in the action of our God that the holy work is efficacious, and we experience the richness of his love and caring. We are strengthened in order to live a moral life, as Scripture dictates.





By appointment only, preferably celebrated during Mass. Parents are required to attend a preparation session prior to scheduling the baptism of your child.

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Saturdays following 8:00 am Mass until all are done or any time by appointment.

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Anointing the Sick

Please call the Parish Office when someone is ill or in the hospital. Remember that we pray for recuperation and healing.

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Arrangements must be made with the Pastor at least six months in advance. Call the Parish Office before you book the reception hall.

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Because God has provided us with this renewable source of nourishment and grace, the sacrament is celebrated daily at Saint Joseph Church.

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This Sacrament, which is the second part of the Initiation into the Holy People of God, is usually celebrated at Baptism for the Catechumen who comes into the church at the Easter Vigil.

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Holy Orders
If one feels called to Priesthood, please call the pastor and discuss it with him. The priestly life is a wonderful testament to the Holy Spirits work in a man’s life. The priesthood is open only to men who are single, or single again. Prayerful discernment is called for in deciding to pursue Priesthood. The Bishop of the Diocese is the proper presider for the Sacrament. The Ordinations to the Deaconate and Priesthood are scheduled in his office.


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